Cider vinegar is celebrated for many health benefits including improved digestion and gut health, strengthening immunity and cleansing our systems by removing toxins

A natural product offering so many benefits - why aren't we all taking it? Well have you ever tried to drink it? Lets just say its an acquired taste!

Thats where we come in. Our softly chewy bears are the perfect way to increase your cider vinegar intake

However, don't be fooled. They don't taste strong, but smell the jar and you'll be hit with all that cider vinegar locked inside! 

Unlike other products on the market which use dried cider vinegar, we take fresh cider vinegar with the mother (the good stuff!) and set it into a gummy. This is as close to drinking it naturally as you can get.

Each bear contains 1000mg fresh cider vinegar

Each jar contains 60 bears

We recommend 4 bears a day (these can be taken at any time) however we also say that even one a day is better than none