About Us

Well I say us...its just me and of course my family

I have been aware of the benefits of cider vinegar for as long as I can remember (my mum has it on her cereal!)

However, despite my knowledge of its rewards - I never committed to taking a daily dose for longer than a week or two at a time. I simply don't like the taste (and yes I've tried it in water, or with honey, or holding my nose!)

After having my first daughter I was keen to introduce cider vinegar into her diet as early as possible - start as you mean to go on / prevention is better than cure etc. 

It took MANY attempts but I am really proud to share with you my cider vinegar gummies that I hand make in small batches using fresh cider vinegar with the mother. Whatsmore, my daughters think they are a treat to eat - what could be better?